Five women from Four countries join forces and rework the powerful tunes that brought fame to pioneers Louis Armstrong, Ma Rainey, Jelly Roll Morton, Sidney Bechet and many others.

Not a pastiche, this show is steeped in facts – even the band name ‘Traveling Janes’ is a proud reclaiming of a slang label for women who worked on the traveling railroad and tent shows of the 1900s.

This bold music is as vibrant and relevant today as it was during the prohibition period and ‘The Janes’ aspire to embrace our 21st century ears with the same rapture and joyous spirit that the original composers intended.

Flying over from New Orleans, Los Angeles, Singapore, and Norway – The Traveling Janes are some of the most respected and highly specialized musicians in the world. The union with Scotland’s hugely entrepreneurial Ali Affleck is an epic collaboration.