The Association’s policies – Jazz i Hällevik

Taken from the Association’s annual general meeting held on the 28th March 2021.

The Association’s overall policies.

Jazz i Hällevik is a non-profit organisation that works to combat all forms of discrimination on the grounds of age, religion or other belief, ethnicity, disability, sex, transgender identity or expression, or sexual orientation.

All members and anyone active in the Association are of equal value and shall be given the opportunity to participate in our activities under the same conditions.

Jazz i Hällevik disassociates itself from all use of or possession of drugs. We work towards moderate consumption of alcohol by our adult members.

In the event of non-compliance with our policies the Association will act as follows:

● Anyone who observes or suspects that an elected representative, employee, leader, member or participant is not complying with our policies shall inform the Association Committee, which will subsequently decide which measures are to be taken.

● An elected representative, employee, leader, member or participant who fails to comply with the Association’s policies is to receive help in the form of verbal guidance and detailed information regarding the policies’ content and objectives.

We take the following steps to ensure that our policies are known to our members and other interested parties:

● Information is made available via the Association’s website

● The policies may be reviewed and approved annually at the Association’s annual general meeting.

Alcohol and drug policy

Jazz i Hällevik’s activities are to be drug-free. Anyone under the influence of drugs will not be permitted to participate in or lead an activity organised by Jazz i Hällevik, nor will they be permitted to represent Jazz i Hällevik.