Contribute via Swish

In order for Jazz i Hällevik and our beloved Trad Jazz Festival to survive in the long term we are currently testing a new concept  – ”crowdfunding”. This involves requesting contributions from enthusiasts and kindred spirits in order to finance and save something that is important and close to our hearts. Through our campaign ”Tillsammans håller vi takten” (which means ”together we keep the beat”) we would like to ask those of you that love Hällevik Trad Jazz Festival to ”swish” a donation, large or small, to our association – as much as your heart, and your wallet will allow.

Swish to Jazz i Hällevik:
123 146 65 49

When you ”swish”, write ”Tillsammans håller vi takten 2021” in the message box so we can easily see the results of this campaign. We’re aiming for SEK 100,000 and are grateful for every single contribution that helps us reach this goal.

A thousand thanks for your help – your support means so much to us!